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Jaber’s Truck and Auto Sales offers a great variety of programs that cater towards all types of credit.

No Credit and 1st Time Buyer

Our favorite program is our No Credit & 1st Time Buyer program. This program offers interests as low as 4.5% and down payments as low as $500 if the credit portfolio qualifications are met. Based on the credit portfolio and income, this program has a maximum loan amount of $25,000 but requires stricter qualifications. The average No Credit & 1st Time Buyer qualifies for a maximum loan amount of $15,000 and averages payments from $150-$300 a month. This program is great for people in the age group of 18-25 that want to establish their credit for a bright future while driving their dream car.

Guaranteed Credit Approval & Credit Repair Program

Our Guaranteed Credit Approval & Credit Repair Program is one of the best in the Valley! Regardless of repossessions, foreclosures or bankruptcies, your credit is APPROVED! We’ve teamed up with a great finance company that is willing to give the opportunity to customer’s willing to re-establish their credit in order to build a prosperous future for themselves. This company reports your payments to the Credit Bureaus which most Buy Here Pay Here will only report when you have been delinquent.  

Fair and Established Credit

We offer interests as low as 1.99% and terms as long as 96 months for qualifying purchases. Competitive  interest rates and great loan terms that most independent dealerships just can’t offer. On the spot delivery for qualified customers with little to no documentation or requirements. 1st Payment due dates as high as 90 days to first payment! Negative equity is also easier to be transferred to your new loan.

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